Media Allies

Amplify-the-story-brownAre you a member of the media or professional storyteller who stands with the idea of #NewStoryWV? Become a Media Ally.

Media Allies are freelance writers, photographers and videographers; journalists; editors; publishers; and other professional storytellers who support the idea of changing negative narratives about West Virginia. Media Allies contribute their talents to amplify the stories surfacing through the use of the #NewStoryWV hashtag.

There are two types of Media Allies:

  • Chief Media Ally: Commits to coordinating with the WV Community Development Hub team on storytelling initiatives and contributing time toward telling stories inspired by #NewStoryWV contributors
  • Media Ally:¬†Commits to follow the #NewStoryWV hashtag as a source for potential ideas for their own stories

To become a Media Ally, for questions, and for press inquiries, email WV Community Development Hub Director of Strategic Network Communications Emma Pepper at