Call to Action


We’re putting a call out to the thousands of changemakers working on the ground in West Virginia today.

To the locally-owned business owners and employees; community volunteers; champions at service organizations and clubs; workers at nonprofits and community institutions like libraries and schools; engaged West Virginians of every stripe working for the greater good in their communities; and to our state’s storytellers: we need you.

Research shows that celebrating the positive stories happening in communities is linked to the ability of towns to be resilient in the face of economic shocks and downturns.* The stereotypes about West Virginia are holding us back.

We’re going to write a story that shows the true spirit of West Virginia – starting today. 

When you’re posting on social media about the people and projects that are making a difference for the better – big or small – in West Virginia, include the hashtag #NewStoryWV. When you see examples of others who are working to make a difference in their communities, ask them to post about it on social media and include the hashtag #NewStoryWV.

“New Story may take many different forms, but its purpose is always the same: to build a collaborative movement to spark hope for West Virginians by creating strategies to break down the negative stereotypes that hold back our state. This year, West Virginians are taking that energy online to collaboratively write our own story.”

Emma Pepper, Director of Strategic Network Communications, WV Community Development Hub

Our posts combined will show a different kind of story about our state. When West Virginians and others search #NewStoryWV, they will see posts about perseverance, grit, and innovation in the face of significant challenges. Our posts will form a collective narrative about pride in our communities and passionate investment in their future.

This is the real story of West Virginia.

Research shows that if we want to gather and sustain momentum toward new and different outcomes in the lives of West Virginians, we have to inspire a sense of hope across our communities.* If we are going to inspire the kind of hope that will move mountains, we must share the evidence of change happening on the ground today and shine a spotlight on the people who are making the changes.

Together, we will demonstrate the magnitude of momentum happening on the ground right now toward a brighter future for West Virginians.

Our voices will be amplified by the Media Allies who are joining us to keep an eye on the hashtag as a place to inspire future story ideas.

Join us in writing the #NewStoryWV.


Ready to get started?

Head to our Get Involved page to see the actions to take, and Sign the Pact to join the group of leaders who are showing their commitment to a new story for West Virginia.

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Interested in more?

Working together, we have the potential to make a transformational impact on West Virginian communities with this project.

* Read our brief on the #NewStoryWV project – including the research that shows how this can make substantive change in building momentum toward a brighter future for West Virginians.

Read the #NewStoryWV Brief »