Change is possible, and it’s happening in West Virginia communities today.

Are you working to make a difference in your community? Do you know someone who is?

When you’re posting on social media about the ways that you’re making a difference in your community – big and small – include the hashtag #NewStoryWV. When you see others making a difference in your community, post about their good work on social media and include the hashtag #NewStoryWV.

Our stories have power

Our social media posts will show a different kind of story about our state. When West Virginians and others search for #NewStoryWV, they will see posts about pride, perseverance, grit, and innovation in the face of significant challenges.

This is the real story of West Virginia.

Let’s share our stories about the ways that positive change is already happening in the state today.

Join us in writing the #NewStoryWV.

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Interested in learning more about positive storytelling as a tool for transformative change?

Read our brief on the #NewStoryWV project – including the research that shows how this kind of activity can make substantive change in building momentum toward a brighter future for West Virginians and in creating more economically resilient communities.