Get Involved


Are you a…

  • Small business owner/employee;
  • Community volunteer;
  • Nonprofit or service organization employee/volunteer;
  • Member of the media or professional storyteller;
  • Community institution employee/volunteer (schools, libraries, etc.); or
  • Engaged West Virginian of any stripe working to make a difference in your community

…join us to write #NewStoryWV. #NewStoryWV is a collaborative online effort to rewrite the story of West Virginia. The effort is fueled by the people who are working on the ground to make a difference in our state’s communities. Any West Virginian can get started writing #NewStoryWV today.


Ways to get involved

1. Use the hashtag

When you’re posting on social media about the people and projects that are making a difference for the better – big or small – in West Virginia, include the hashtag #NewStoryWV. When you see examples of others who are working to make a difference in their communities, encourage them to post about it on social media and include the hashtag #NewStoryWV.

2. Sign the pact

Show your commitment to change the narrative about West Virginia. Join the group of West Virginian residents and organizations who are signing on to the #NewStoryWV Pact. All pact signers are sent tips on how to get started writing #NewStoryWV; and Official Author badges to share on social media.

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3. Take the challenge

From June – November of this year, we are challenging West Virginians to create at least one #NewStoryWV post each month around a theme. Sign on to take part and receive a monthly email about the theme plus tips and tricks to use social media to tell your story.

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Become a Media Ally (for Members of the Media + professional storytellers)

Professional storytellers are committing to keep an eye on the #NewStoryWV hashtag for story ideas.

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Host us for a workshop (for Connector Groups)

We are partnering with nonprofits, associations, community foundations, and other connectors around the state who can gather groups for workshops to build skills and share about #NewStoryWV.

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