#NewStory WV Toolkit

Thanks for being a part of telling #NewStoryWV! We’re working together to share a story about West Virginia as told by invested West Virginians.

We’ve written these resource guides to help you boost your digital presence and amplify the stories of good things happening in communities across West Virginia. Use the information shared here in telling your #NewStoryWV!

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Pro-Tips for Social Media Photography

If any element of a social media account is going to catch your eye, it’s going to be the visuals. This resource is crafted to assist you in taking your social media photography skills up a notch – how can you add depth and variety to your visuals on social media? Check out the guide to find out.

Pro-Tips for Social Media Management

Successful social media management can lead to a larger audience and more dynamic impact – we can reach more people who will have a deeper understanding of who we are and what we do. We’ve created a guide to support you in building meaningful relationships with the people you are connecting with online.

Pro-Tips for Pitching a Story

Knowing tips for how to work ​with ​journalists and understanding what is newsworthy improves your likelihood of getting coverage. This information in this guide will help you build relationships with your community’s professional storytellers and determine which stories are newsworthy.

Change is happening in West Virginia, and we’re glad you’re a part of it!