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For the first two weeks after #NewStoryWV is announced, we are offering a free social media audit to up to 75 people and organizations who sign the pact. We will check 1 of your social media accounts against a set of best practices and offer feedback.

Sign the pact before March 31, 2019 – and be one of the first 75 – to get the audit.


Why should I sign the pact?

Signing on to the #NewStoryWV Pact means joining a group of leaders who are standing together to show their commitment to change the narrative about West Virginia to a story that reflects the true spirit of our state. Pact signers are sent tips on how to get started writing #NewStoryWV and Official Author badges to share on social media.


The #NewStoryWV Pact

We are changemakers living and working in West Virginia, and we are writing a new story that shows the true grit, resilience, determination, and spirit of our state.

We are stepping forward today to say: we care about the future of West Virginia, and we want to change the negative narratives about our communities.

We believe that:

  • Even though the challenges are great, we see positive action happeningĀ on the ground today.
  • These actions are carried out by and for West Virginian residents, and they serve as evidence of our passionate investment in the future of our state.
  • Our stories about these actions have the potential to make a transformational impact on the lives of West Virginians.

We are committing to use the hashtag #NewStoryWV when posting on social media about people, activities, or ideas that shine a spotlight on the positive happening in our state.

Submit your information to sign the pact, and we will follow up with you over email with tips about how to start writing the #NewStoryWV. Please allow 1-2 business days.

*We are not able to offer social media audits to politically affiliated individuals or organizations, or to groups engaging in hate practices or language online.