We know the negative storylines we hear about West Virginians don’t tell the story of resilience, camaraderie, hope, and hard work that we see in our state every day.

Even though, it can be tough to ignore that negativity when it becomes a constant drumbeat in our lives. The stories are reflected back to us again and again as our nation’s understanding of West Virginia – and sometimes folded into our own perception of our communities.

Enough is enough: we are ready to set our own course in telling the story of West Virginia.

How do we change history?

By bringing together the people who are making it – and we’re not just talking 2, 5, or 10 of us at a time. And not just West Virginians who are regularly named in the papers. We need all of us. If you are an engaged community member, storyteller or documentarian or all-around rabble rouser, small business owner, nonprofit administrator, service group member or everyday philanthropist, young or old, vocal or behind the scenes, please take a seat at the table.

We’re looking for the West Virginians who see or want to see a new way, and who are willing to take at least one step in getting there. 

To share their stories at the event, we’re calling together the innovators and the people who are in the trenches, representing a wide variety of vocations from education and economic development to podcasting and farming.

We’re asking those folks to share stories of successes and to offer up a frank discussion for everyone to consider of what’s holding us back, so we can better build a path to move forward – and so new people can begin to walk that path with us.

It will take the people who are living these stories that defy the negative drumbeat, and those who want to hop on the train with them, and those who want to amplify the entire shebang to a broader audience, to plot, innovate, disrupt, and inspire West Virginia’s new course.


How do we tell a new story for West Virginia?

Plot  //  Bring together the rabble rousing, changemaking, passionate, nose-to-the-grindstone West Virginians from all walks of life to talk shop and teach

Innovate  //  Generate, borrow, and adapt ideas that bring fresh perspective

Disrupt  //  Enact those ideas in our communities – be it within our neighborhood, profession, passion, side hustle, government, or beyond

Inspire  //  Amplify the stories coming out of these exchanges

…and repeat.

Who is steering this ship?

New Story is a project of the West Virginia Community Development Hub.