What We Will Do

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Demos and dinner, skill sharing, discussions and networking, places to speak out and spots to get away… Here is an overview of what to expect.

Bonus: Getting Unstuck

The ability to make decisions as a team is key to the success of any group hoping to reach its goals – but many groups run into roadblocks.

Bonus: Heritage Foods Dinner

Explore West Virginia’s rich food heritage with a farm-to-table dinner put on by Mike Costello and Amy Dawson of Lost Creek Farm, recently featured on Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

Bonus: Alderson Night Out

On the evening of May 31, sparks will fly in the town for Alderson Night Out with live music; a farm-to-table dinner; an open house in the local art gallery; an outdoor market featuring farmers and artisans; a networking event about innovation and women in WV; and storefronts open late.

Session Descriptions

Join us for sessions galore at New Story 2018! New Story sessions are a chance for people with similar interests to come together to share ideas. Whether you’re interested in youth leadership, community-based policy, or tourism, we’ve got something for you.

Partner: WV Folklife Program

The team at The Hub is partnering with the West Virginia Folklife Program to feature the inaugural Folklife Apprenticeship Program at New Story. Masters and apprentices will take part in New Story conference sessions at the Lewisburg State Fairgrounds and at the Alderson Night Out bonus event. The Apprenticeship Program offers up to a $3,000 … Continue reading Partner: WV Folklife Program